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New Turkeys need names

Meet our new arrivals. They are a Norfolk Black stag and hen and the other looks to be a Bronze hen. The lady who owned them did not want them going as table birds and after looking at our website decided they would have a happy life here. They are very tame so we shall be able to use them in our children farm parties and school visits.

NOW they need names .. please post your suggestions      Turkey-1

Rupert’s lessons for today

Well Rupert our Mammoth Jackstock  donkey was let out for the first time to play with ALL the boy in the top fields. We have placed him with with  small groups before but this was the first time into the heard after weeks of introductions.. He did really well and did not get bullied to much. After a few hours I brought him in for a rest but the second task of the day was to walk on his headcollar through the jenny’s donkey who where playing in the yard. He was really good.. he had a chat with Lucy on the way down as she kept placing her bottom at him… But when I asked him to leave the girls he did and walked nicely into the stable. ( Not bad for 7 months old) Again this is months of training with voice commands as when he is 16hhh I shall have no chance of controlling him unless I put the work in now.Rupert and the boys

Donkey Sanctuary EST Manchester

Wile some where llama trekking others went to visit Donkey Sanctuary EST Manchester where there was a very interesting talk about how to pack and trek with your donkey. Lot of new tips and unusual pack equipment. We where then given a tour of the centre and a talk about the fantastic work they do there. Thank you to the DBS for putting the event on. IMG_2696IMG_2706IMG_2712

Llamas 4 hour trek

llama trek party April 024 - CopyOur trekking team and customers had a lovely trek today over the hills in Castleshaw  and down into Delph where we stopped at The Old Bell inn for and hours break and lovely food. The customers even bought the team a coffee.. so nice. When are you booking your trek?

Open Day

_DSC4347We had a great open day on the 7th April

Thanks to everyone that came, we raised £1267 towards a field shelter for the donkeys


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