Adopt a Donkey as a lovely gift


Is 6 years old brown gelding who came to live on the farm in January 2012. Where he was rescued from a dealers yard. We found out he had been badly abused by adults jumping on him so he was terrified of any contact at all. With love and care he is progressing nicely.




Is a 4 year old black gelding who also came to the farm in January 2012. He was rescued along with Teddy from the dealers yard and was in bad condition as he had lice and needed worming. His ears where full of bits so he now hates his ears being touched but we are working on this to give him confidence.






Has only just turned 4 years old and is a brown gelding who was also rescued from the dealers in January 2012. He is the most friendliest of the bunch and always the first to meet you in the field. He was very underweight when we got him as the vet was also concerned about him. he is looking very well now.







Is a 4 year old brown gelding who was also rescued from the dealers yard in 2012. He is very lovable donkey but was scared of people walking behind him as this is where he would have been hit to move forwards. he has had lots of training now and is a very happy donkey.







Is an 8 year old brown gelding who was very kindly donated to the centre after his donkey partner suddenly died. He had not been ridden or handled a lot but was very well fed as he was very fat. He is now trained to give rides and we send photos to his previous owner regularly.





Came to live with us this October 2012. He is 13.1 hh brown gelding who we rescued from a livery yard in Yorkshire. He had been abandoned on the yard as his owner had left him to pay the livery bills. He is a large donkey who is shy of people until he gets to know you. On day two he would not walk into the stable and just stood there trembling all over. The only way we could get him in was to back him backward through the door. As he  has got used to us we have found large scars on both back legs and across his fetlocks. He has been trapped some where as well as beaten to go through smaller space ( stable doors). His headcollar has been on so tight it had cut into his nose and under his chin. This photo was day 4 of him being with us. He does not ware one now as walks in with the other donkeys.


Adoption Packages:

Bronze – £20

Silver – £40

Gold – £150

The cost of a donkey adoption is £20 for the year.   In return for this, you will receive:

  • A beautiful photograph of your donkey.
  • Details about his life-story
  • An adoption certificate.
  • Two free passes to visit your donkey during the year at the centre.
  • Quarterly newsletter throughout the year with story’s about your donkey and the other animals
Ideal for a business to promote their goodwill for a great cause.The Silver Package includes everything in the Bronze Adoption Package, and in addition:

  • A Corporate Certificate
  • A mention on our Sponsors Page
  • A Link to Your Web Site


Ideal for Schools and Clubs, the Gold Adoption Package includes everything in the Bronze Adoption Package, in addition:

  • A visit to your premises by one of our donkeys (within a 20 mile radius of OL3 5UB between May to October)



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There are also plenty of opportunities either to visit your donkey here at the centre or when out-and-about in the local community at events


 With your donation you help towards veterinary treatment, farrier services, feed and shelter.

                                                 All money goes towards the upkeep of the animals.                                      

The donkeys are happy to come out to any event to give rides or special appearance as the funds go towards their keep.