Lucy who is now fit and well.

Lucy who is now fit and well.


 Lucy donkeys story who originally came from Spain

Lucy came to live with us this November 2012 after we had a call from a beach donkey owner in Norfolk.. Their business has closed because of the price of licence and insurance. Here at the farm we like the larger donkey as they are the ones that are harder to find homes. After speaking to the owner I found out that Lucy had been imported from Spain 18 months ago so she could work on the beach. She is 15 years old and is an Andalusian cross……. She stands at 13.3 hh and quite easily carry light adults.
We arranged to meet the owners half way on our journey and this still gave us a 200 mile round trip to collect her. We met in a car park where Lucy was unloaded and then after a break would be re -loaded into our trailer. When she came down the ramp she looked very tired and her face looked stressed. She had a light rug on her and when I pulled it back I was shocked to see how underweight she was. Her spine and ribs where prominent and the bones on her back legs where more prominent than the donkeys at home. The owners had said she was losing weight but I was not expecting this. I found out that where she had lived there with not much of a shelter and she only had straw to eat and not hay and no rugs. When we got her home she had collapse in the trailer with such a long journey (5 hour in total). We got her in the stable and gave her some nice hay, a rug to keep her warm. The update is she never stopped eating for 5 days and on day 6 I thought she was ill. But then realised she was finally full!!.
People have been very kind and several rugs have been donated to Lucy as we live right on the tops in Saddleworth where the weather is not always at its best..







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